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Most homeowners use their sinks on a regular basis. Large quantities of food debris, including oils and grease, often end up in your sink and can lead to a blockage. Likewise, hairs from shaving and other obstructions can block the sink and make it ineffective for use.

If your sink has blocked, you can rely on Elite Plumber to fix the problem. Our plumbers possess the necessary skills and experience to complete sink repairs and new sink installations. After arriving at your home, one of our qualified plumbers will determine the best solution for fixing your sink so it drains correctly when you need it.

For new sinks or sink repairs, call the professionals at Elite Plumber to assist with your home improvement needs.


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Sink & Basin Repairs Wilfordon

    Basin Repair & Basin Installation

    Experienced Basin Repairs

    If you require a Plumber in Wilfordon urgently, call us now! We are available day and night. We will be there to serve you with the best basin & sink solutions.

    Cost Effective Basin Services

    At Elite Plumber we believe that our affordable prices help us to maintain our happy customer base, that and our high-quality workmanship!

    Emergency Basin Repairs

    We are a full-service Plumbing contracting company. Our plumbers are highly experienced and capable of taking care of all your basin needs.

    Cutting Edge Basin Solutions

    Our plumbers continually stay informed and rely on the latest basin & sink solutions to supply our customers with the best service in Wilfordon.

    Basin & Sink Installation, Service, Repairs, and Replacement In Wilfordon

    Basin & Sink Repairs

    Why is it extremely important to keep your bathroom and kitchen sinks in good working condition? Many homeowners do not even ask such a question, they think that a leaky bathroom or cracked sink is not a big deal and ignore these troubling issues. If that is the case, the result of your negligence will turn into a costly problem in the future, wasting lots of water every day and producing extremely high water bills.

    So what should you do as a homeowner? First of all, do not attempt to tackle the job of repairing the sink yourself. If you want to prevent significant water line damage, hire a professional plumber to handle the task of your sink repair. If it is a cracked sink, leaky pipe, or blocked drain, the risk of making the sink problem worse and causing additional damage is pretty high.

    Do you really want to pay the price? On the contrary, at Elite Plumber our professional sink specialists will repair your sink quickly and without causing further damage.

    If your plastic or enamel sink is chipped or broken, contact the plumbing experts here at Elite Plumber. When it comes to sink repair, we know what we’re doing and are ready to assist you with all your sink and basin needs.

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    Sink Repairs & Sink Installations  

    We offer kitchen and bathroom sink installation, repair, services to homeowners and businesses around Wilfordon. 

    Sink Installation and Repair in Wilfordon

    High-Quality Sink Repairs and Installations In Wilfordon

    Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, the sink gets a lot of use on a daily basis. Due to this prolonged use, issues such as leaking and loose plumbing connections can occur.

    Incorrectly installed sinks can actually start to shift upon use, especially during hand washing of heavy items like pans and serving platters.

    At Elite Plumber, we’re experts at sink installation and repair and can assist you with minor services or even large remodeling projects throughout Wilfordon.

    Basin Repairs & Sink Repairs Wilfordon

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    New Sink Installations in Wilfordon

    Affordable Pricing & Quality Sink Installations Wilfordon

    Many new sink installation projects are initiated during kitchen or bath remodeling and can include coordination with countertop installers and other service providers. Elite Plumber can expertly handle your new sink installation and can assist you with selecting the sink style that fits your lifestyle and new kitchen finishes.

    Your new sink installation is in good hands with Elite Plumber, whether you’re looking for a seamless under-mount sink, a farmhouse sink, a self-rimming (drop-in) sink, a single or double bowl sink, stainless steel, cast iron, or composite sink. We’ve handled all types of sinks and can give you our expert advice and guidance so you can make the best decision for your unique needs.

    Sink Repairs Wilfordon

    Expert Sink Repair Services In Wilfordon

    At Elite Plumber, we’re experts in sink repair and can pinpoint the source of the problem and resolve it quickly.

    Many times, loose plumbing connections can occur over time, leaving you with leaking underneath your sink. This can cause a great deal of damage and can be a costly issue if not handled properly.

    At Elite Plumber we’re experts in fixing even the most difficult of plumbing issues and can assist you with all of your sink repair needs.

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    basin in Wilfordon

    Taps Repair & Installation in Wilfordon

    Dripping taps can be annoying and frustrating, especially if left untreated. From constant drips keeping you up at night to the stress put on your bank account, it is imperative to fix any sink leak in your Wilfordon home. Otherwise, a leaky sink tap with minor dripping could transform into a nightmare sink repair.

    If you continuously hear water dripping or see pools of water around the tap in your Wilfordon home, contact Elite Plumber for a FREE sink repair estimate.

    Our plumbing experts will not only save you time and money, but you’ll also have peace of mind that the job was done right the first time.

    To get more information on tap and sink repair and installation in Wilfordon call us at (061) 704-3538 or Contact Us for a free quote on getting your tap and sink fixed today.

    Signs You Might Need Sink Repairs?

    Common Causes of Sink and Tap Problems

    A leaking sink tap is one of the most common plumbing issues faced by homeowners.

    Taps are used more than any other fixtures or appliances in the home, and unless extreme, leaks often go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this could lead to wasting water, in addition to wasting hundreds of rands.

    As a homeowner, it is wise to pay attention to small things, like water leaks and drips. Although you may not have in-depth training in plumbing, there are various causes of tap problems to be aware of, which include:

    • Worn or Damaged Components

    The type of tap you have will likely determine which component needs to be replaced or repaired. The four types of taps include compression, cartridge, ball, and ceramic disk. Components that are subject to repair are rubber washers, O-rings, inlet and outer seals, and valve seats.

    • Unsecured Parts

    Just like any other fixture or appliance, parts become loose with prolonged use. The same goes for taps. Within a tap, all the pieces are interdependent. That said, if one part becomes loose, others will follow resulting in leaks and/or disruptions to the water flow.

    • Damaged Piping

    With time and use, fittings become slack, and cracks and holes form in the piping, which causes slow, but steady water leakage.

    • Improper DIY Tap Installation or Repairs

    Nothing short of a headache, installing or repairing a tap yourself may result in plumbing leaks due to loose connections, valves, and screws; under or over-tightening of seals; and damaged pipes from mishandling.

    • Sediment Buildup

    Sediment and mineral deposits can wreak havoc on pipes, valves, seals, and other internal mechanisms of a tap. This causes corrosion, cracking, and crumbling, leading to dripping, leaking, and decreased water pressure.

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    Why Choose Sink Repairs Wilfordon

    If you need new sink installation services or sink repairs in Wilfordon, contact Elite Plumber today! Our professional plumbers can provide fast, affordable, reliable, worry-free plumbing services and can accommodate both pre-scheduled and emergency projects.

    Customer Service

    We’re proud that more than 90% of our customers return when having plumbing problems.

    Highly Trained & Certified

    We only hire knowledgeable, skilled plumbers and service representatives.

    Flexible Appointments

    We are available 24/7 and we can schedule appointments according to your calendar.

    Quality Products

    Our plumbers will listen to your needs and recommend the best sink solution for you.

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