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Low Water Pressure

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When the water in your home slowly trickles, you will find that the simplest of chores becomes tedious and annoying. Even taking a shower consumes more time that it usually takes.

One of the first things that you need to do is determine whether you are the only one experiencing the problem, or if your neighbours are also experiencing low water pressure in their homes. If your neighbours have the same dilemma, it is highly likely that the problem is due to issues with the local water supply. In this case, you can call the water supply company and determine if the problem is from their end of things.

If you are the only one experiencing low water pressure, it is best to call us at Elite Plumber, our professional plumbers know how to pinpoint the actual cause of the problem, as well as provide the appropriate solutions.

You can check for leaks by shutting off all the water taps and recording the data on the metre. After a few hours, check the metre and see whether it has changed. If it has changed, call us 061 704 3538.

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Low Water Pressure

    Low Water Pressure

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    Low Water Pressure Issues in Gauteng

    Low Water Pressure Plumbers

    Noticed an issue with your properties water pressure? Whether it’s affecting your shower or taps, low or high water pressure is not only a serious inconvenience, but could be a sign of larger problems with your overall plumbing system.

    From apartment buildings to townhouses and single storey homes, all Gauteng properties are vulnerable to water pressure problems. This is why it’s so important to know how to identify and act on it early.

    As one of Gauteng’s leading plumbing companies, we’re here to provide an in-depth guide to help you understand the ins and outs of household water pressure. From tips and tricks to causes, problems and solutions, we’ll cover everything you need to know, including the best time to reach out to the professionals.

    If you need help with your water pressure give us a call.

    Low Water Pressure

    We offer a variety of low water pressure services

    Residential Low Water Pressure

    Factors Affecting Water Pressure in Residential Homes

    Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of factors. Leaky pipes, for instance, can divert water away from its intended destination, reducing pressure. Blocked pipes will also restrict the flow of water and affect the pressure level.

    The time of day is another factor that may result in higher or lower pressure. During peak usage times—first thing in the morning or early evening—demand for water is high, which can lead to lower pressure. Similarly, your geographical location may be a factor, particularly if you live in a region that experiences frequent water shortages or if your home is located at a higher elevation.

    if you are experiencing problems with your water pressure, we recommend getting in touch with our professional plumbers to have it checked and resolved.

    Low Water Pressure Causes

    4 Possible Reasons For Low Water Pressure In Your Home
    Mineral and debris buildup
    Sand, dirt and other types of debris can wind their way inside your home’s pipes when the water main becomes fractured. Mineral buildups, on the other hand, can occur even if the pipes are not fractured. Water normally carries a small amount of minerals and sediment which are sometimes left behind when the water courses through the pipes. Eventually, this leads to blockages.
    Internal corrosion of pipes
    The steel and galvanised water pipes that are widely used in homes today can last up to 20 years. However, corrosion can occur within the pipes even if, externally, they look okay.
    Leaks in the plumbing system reduce the amount of water and pressure through the different parts of the home.
    Local water supply problems
    Low water pressure in Gauteng may sometimes come as a result, not because of problems in your home’s plumbing, but due to issues with your area’s local water supply.
    Just like your home’s piping system, the local water supply system in your area may undergo problems like mineral or debris buildup and leaks.

    Occasional Low Water Pressure Problems

    Your Local Plumbers For Low Water Pressure

    Do you have multiple appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine running at the same time? Or you may be using multiple plumbing fixtures at the same time(running a bath, watering the garden or washing the car) creating a high load on the system. If this problem occurs occasionally, stopping a few of them may be enough to resolve the issue.

    If the above doesn’t fix the issue – Test all the appliances and plumbing fixtures. Identify if all or only a few are affected by low water pressure.

    Check if the cold water supply is affected or hot water, or both? If the only hot water supply is affected, it could be due to your geyser (low hot water pressure).

    Contact Elite Plumber who can quickly resolve the issue.

    Professional Water Pressure Plumbers

    Stay on Top of Water Pressure Issues with Elite Plumber

    If water pressure has become a serious issue, contacting local plumbers is by far the best approach. Qualified plumbers have the tools, techniques and know-how to both uncover the root cause and find a viable solution. Getting professional advice and assistance will also prevent further problems such as substantial property damage.

    Remember, low water pressure could stem from a multitude of sources—clogged pipes, faulty pressure regulators, or even city supply issues. A qualified plumber has the training and experience to pinpoint the problem accurately, ultimately saving you time and potential missteps in the long run.

    Need to get your water pressure checked? We are the go to source for a qualified plumber in Gauteng.

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    Contact your trusted local plumber at Elite for all your low water pressure issues throughout Gauteng.

    No matter the task, we can guarantee that our highly recommended team of plumbers will do a great job. So, whenever you experience the tell-tale signs of a low water pressure issue, don’t refrain from seeking professional help.

    Our 24-hour emergency plumbers can attend to all your low water pressure plumbing needs ASAP. So get in touch with us now.

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